Hair - Aurora Players

Dates: October 1-3, 8-10, 15-17 and 22-23, 2021

Sponsored by Andrews’ Barber Parlor and EA-Ink of East Aurora, NY

HAIR Revival

Production Photo from 2009 Revival of HAIR on Broadway (Joan Marcus)

A change was coming in the 1960s. A new generation was rebelling against the conformity of the “Fabulous Fifties” and hoping to bring an age of peace and love to the world with be-ins, sit-ins, protest marches and music. Gerome Ragni and James Rado were actors during this turbulent time and most certainly felt a historical change coming. They passionately wanted to portray on stage what they were witnessing in the streets of New York City for all the world to see. The age of Aquarius had dawned and HAIR was born.

The Vietnam War is the backdrop of the story, a time when being drafted was almost a certainty for every young man. The leader of a tribe of hippies receives his draft notice and struggles with his commitment to the group, their principles and a pull toward something more. The conflicts experienced by the tribe — alienation, civil disobedience, youthful defiance — continue to timelessly resonate. Experience the excitement of an age when anything was thought possible. When peace guided the planets and love steered the stars.

**For Mature Audiences due to adult material and profanity**

Aurora Players’ production of HAIR has concluded.