Grease - Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned this past week for "Grease", we were fortunate to have such a talented group of people to select from.

The cast is as follows:

Danny - Matthew W. Bannister

Sandy - Paige Ronan

Kenickie - Joel Murphy

Sonny - Adam Kreutinger

Roger - Jason Gonser

Doody - Andrew Adolf

Rizzo - Amy Feder

Marty - Rebecca Runge

Frenchy - Renée Obringer

Jan - Lauren Zaborowski

Eugene - Brad Loliger

Patty - Brooke Bartell Goergen

Cha-Cha - Suzie Hibbard

Miss Lynch - Rachelle Francis

Vince Fontaine - Marc Ruffino

Teen Angel - Garrett Shea

Johnny Casino - A. Peter Snodgrass


Danielle Burning
Cameron Farrell
Zackary Kelley
Tai Nixa