Director's Blog - 9/15/11

Trying to adjust to the week after vacation… tired, tired.   Running scene work and it’s coming along. I wish we had a bigger stage! Cast is so great tho and helpful.

Director's Blog - 9/12/11

Went to Niagara-on-the-Lake yesterday with co-directors Ann and Nancy to see the Shaw Festival do “My Fair Lady”. Great show but was disappointed in a few things- namely the Ascot costumes. Technicolor Ascot- what????  I do believe our cast is of equal singing ability, if not better. This was fun and a much needed respite and frame of mind for us. Gave us some great insight.

My Fair Lady - Director's Blog

Catherine Burkhart, director of My Fair Lady, is keeping a blog during rehearsals.  Find out how the show is coming along.

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