Director's Blog - 9/21/11

Blocked solo songs tonight. Went very well.  Cast is so easy to work with and flexible and funny. It was nice to work one on one. I put Higgins and Pickering (Bob and Bob, respectively) to the task of choreographing “The Rain In Spain” and they came up with a winner. It looks terrific.  Tomorrow night is a Run of Act 1. It’ll be a long and busy night.  Time to find a pillow....

Director's Blog - 9/20/11

Every rehearsal there seems to be someone waiting for my arrival with a myriad of questions...I've never been so popular! Ha! Anyway- the waltz looked great tonight. Higgins and Eliza really were wonderful in their scene too and Bob B's timing is near to perfect.  This cast is truly wonderful. Cathy, Cindy, Sarabeth... Curtis! Thanks for being such team players. Nice to be home now- 10:30pm, for soup and tea... Hoping to get to bed before midnight tonight. 6:00 comes far too soon...still have to iron clothes for work..... Ugh.

Director's Blog - 9/19/11

It’s so hard sometimes to simply work scenes. I feel like I’m being pulled in 50 directions. Did get thru Act 2, scene 1 with Eliza and Higgins. Was really able to focus on it. Tomorrow night Annie is waltzing with the chorus and I’m on to scenes 4-7- act 2.  Did I say I was tired? I am.

Director's Blog - 9/18/11

Photo shoot at Rick’s with Higgins and Eliza. Beautiful day but Eliza’s hat and the wind didn’t get along. These hats are incredible.  Pictures will be lovely- thanks Laura Lew!