Director's Blog - 10/14/11

One week til opening and I'm feeling calm- for now, at least. With the light cues and sound cues almost entirely set, it's all running much smoother. One scene change needs some work but it's coming. We'll run the whole show tonight.... Oy vey!

Tomorrow is our tech run so add costumes and make up... Let's see how that goes. Cast is up for the challenge and the next level of excitement!!

Director's Blog - 10/6/11

Very tough night. Nancy is sick and Betty not scheduled so I had no one to play piano. I found a score and so glad that Rachelle was able to help out. She's a godsend. Cast is so patient and very adaptable- thank you to them.

I had a bit of a breakdown today...I'm trying so hard to do everything right but I do make mistakes. It's just so tough to keep it all straight! My brain is at full capacity.

Director's Blog - 9/28/11

6:00 pm- to quote my cast member Mark Ebersole,  I was “shot out of a cannon” tonight.... work to Wegman’s, then home for 25 minutes, eat fast, give the cat her meds- back out the door to the theatre. Whew!!

Men’s costume parade- great Ascot stuff!! They will look so good. Very dapper, very British! I threw an Improv exercise at the cast- “Mime it down the Alley”….. It was a lot of fun and I think they may have learned something…maybe….  :)

Rehearsal itself was good- transitions are a bit tough to work thru, but we forge on. Ann is working some waltz stuff tonight and then finishing up “Get me to The Church on Time” tomorrow….

Crazy time…questions always…not enough sleep…. Will everything be ready.....??

Director's Blog - 9/22/11

Took a spinning class before rehearsal and I think I'll do that at any opportunity I can because not only was I relaxed, but the rehearsal went fantastically! Boy, can these people sing :) and the characters are really starting to fully form.  Great run through of Act 1 and it's starting to resemble a show!! It's such a joy to see.