Prop/Set Furnishings Rental Policy

No props/set pieces may be taken from the Aurora Players Prop Loft or other storage locations without going through the rental process, which is as follows:


  1. All rented items are subject to a weekly rental fee, which includes the deposit -- NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Props/Set Furnishings will be rented to recognized, legitimate organizations, profit or non-profit. We do not rent to individuals for parties or any other reason.
  3. All items are available for rent at the discretion of the Prop/Set Furniture Manager. We do not rent antiques, vintage props including watches, pocket watches.
  4. Once props/set piece(s) are selected and rental cost determined (50% will be the deposit), the cash or check should be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit. Upon return of the props/set piece(s) in good condition as determined by the Prop/Set Furniture Manager, the Treasurer is notified and appropriate deposit will be returned to the renting party.
  5. All rentals are formalized through the use of the “Prop/Set Piece Rental Agreement”. Additional terms, conditions and fees exist in the “Prop/Set Piece Rental Agreement”.
  6. There will be a $35.00 service charge for returned checks.
  7. If props/set piece(s) are lost or damaged, Aurora Players will hold the deposits for all rented items until satisfactory restitution is determined. If the damage cannot be repaired, the deposit will be forfeited. Should the value of the lost or damaged props/set piece(s) exceed the deposit (as determined by the Prop/Set Furniture Manager), the renting group will be charged accordingly for replacement.