Are you cleaning out that attic or helping parents to downsize their living arrangements? Players is always interested in acquiring clothing and accessories from the 1900’s through the 1960’s. As well as items that are no longer used in the present day. Many thoughtful folks have donated possessions that are indispensible to our costume and prop crews. Vintage clothing gives just the right flare to a character when the play is set in a bygone era. Other clothing items are used as guides to create authentic period costumes for the actors. Out of date objects like phones, radios, figurines, clocks and lab or medical paraphernalia help to create the right set and bring the audience into the playwright’s world. Please imagine the smiles when the costumers and prop volunteers are gifted with these wonderful items. So consider putting a smile on the faces of our costume and prop staff, help make an actor really feel the part or help us transport the audience to 1930’s Brooklyn. Send us a note via the web site and we’ll contact you to discuss your tax deductable donations.


Perhaps you don’t have old clothing and outdated objects. How about making a donation to the Players organization? Your gift ensures Players is able to continue to fulfill our mission of creating interest in and fostering enthusiasm for the dramatic arts. Many folks have given gifts in memory or as a tribute to loved ones. Others have placed a gift in their will. But most support us with single donations annually. If you have questions about gifts to Players, please contact us through the web site or via mail at:


Aurora Players
P.O. Box 206
East Aurora, NY 14052


Whatever your choice, we are grateful for your support and interest in Aurora Players.