Fall Concert

Join us for our Readers Theater fall concert "Sing It Anyway: An evening of Not-So-Predictable musical theater"

Performance Dates:  November 13, 14 @ 8pm & 15 @ 2:30pm

Tickets:  $8 general admission tickets available at the door (no reservations necessary)

Director: Catherine Burkhart, assisted by Chuck Basil and Ann Mosner

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than the things I didn’t do.” If you’ve ever entertained thoughts such as these of the great Lucille Ball, then you can relate to a group of members of the Aurora Players. This group has been in numerous musicals, sang numerous songs, worked with numerous actors and directed numerous musicals. Several discussions over several months led to an idea for a show: what if you had the chance to sing the songs from musical theater that you’ve always wanted to sing? The songs may be from a musical that isn’t done often, or isn’t age or gender appropriate for you as a singer. However, what if there was a way you could still sing that song you’ve always wanted to sing?

Leave it to the Aurora Players to find a way. “Sing it Anyway: An Evening of Not-so-Predictable Musical Theater” is the result of discussions among members, especially the very talented Michael Starzynski. His thought was to have a performance of songs that members have always wanted to sing; songs that they’ve never had the chance to sing, or had the chance to sing in this type of venue. Aurora Players is known for a standard schedule of putting on three main shows a season. This is often two straight (non-musical) plays and one musical. However, Players has recently looked further into a theatrical concept called Readers Theater. Readers Theater involves actors sitting on stage performing play simply through reading it from scripts. The actors’ use of voice and inflection is critical in portraying character intent and moving along the plot of the play. Readers Theater is simply another way to enjoy theater without the sets, costumes and labor-intensity of a full-blown play. AP has done 3 readers theater shows in the past few years including The Long Weekend, Summer Comes Late and Vanities. This Readers Theater Concert follows a similar philosophy: to enjoy music without the sets, costumes and labor-intensity of a full-blown musical.

Many Aurora Players members loved the idea and jumped on board. The musical directors of Ann Mosner and Chuck Basil have been rehearsing with the cast for weeks. This cast includes Danielle Burning, Katie Felton, Jason Gonser, Jill Jackson-Herron, Christie Koester, Jeff Maris, Bob Mazerski, Ann Mosner, Emily Styn, Darcy Thiel and Michael Starzynski. All involved are thrilled to be involved in this maiden endeavor for Players. “After we had Ann and Chuck on board to play and assist,” describes Catherine Burkhart, director and part of the creative team of the show, “we started to discuss the concept. There are a number of shows that I’ve never been in and would probably never be in due to age, gender or just the lack of opportunity to perform a certain show. So why not sing songs you’ve always wanted to? It seems like singers always have a list of dream songs/roles. Give a song a twist with an atypical performance. Sing it anyway!” Cast members agree. “It’s so cool to perform songs I normally wouldn’t get to sing,” shares Jeff Maris, cast member and frequent Aurora Players actor.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the original Aurora Players Readers Theater Concert (and risk the chance of regretting it, Ms. Ball would add). There will even be the chance to join in the singing yourself before the show is over.

By special arrangement with ASCAP