Cassidy In And Then There Were None

Aurora Player, Joe Cassidy will be taking the stage at the Lancaster Opera House in The Mystery Company's production of And The There Were None. The show opens on Friday, February 10th and runs through Sunday, February 19th. Call 716-683-1776 for reservations or order your tickets online.

Ten strangers are lured to a remote island estate, eight guests arriving at the play’s start to join the sisters who have been hired as caretakers. They soon discover that all have been invited under mysterious circumstances and none ever met the nominal host, one Mr. Owen — who is absent. Via a recorded message, the host accuses all 10 of having caused the deaths of innocent people.

When one guest dies it’s suspected to be suicide, but more deaths follow and the ever-dwindling crew of survivors struggles to figure out what’s going on. Is someone else hiding in the house and manipulating the grisly game? Who’s the next to go?

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Friday - February 10, 2012............ 7:30pm
Saturday - February 11, 2012....... 7:30pm
Sunday - February 12, 2012.......... 2:30pm
Thursday - February 16, 2012........ 2:30pm
Friday - February 17, 2012............ 7:30pm
Saturday - February 18, 2012....... 7:30pm
Sunday - February 19, 2012.......... 2:30pm